Real Estate & Media

You might wonder how media and real estate go together. Quite well, as it so happens. While I spent most of my professional life working as a freelance videographer, real estate allows me to build on the relationships I’ve made over the years, providing something of value to more people. These transactions have a lot of moving parts – negotiations, inspections, loan applications, due diligence, and deadlines to name a few. And unless you’re a professional working in the industry everyday, it’s easy to overlook critical details that can expose you to unnecessary risk. I enjoy managing that part of the job. And I strive to make sure you have as complete information as is available so that when decisions need to be made, you’re able to make them confidently.

As the market evolves, you may have questions. I want to be your trusted resource. So, whatever it may be, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I love talking about real estate, media, self improvement, and everything in between

I do still take on video projects. If you’re interested in seeing examples of my past work click here.