On the Spot Video Making with Margot @Wistia

The other week I dropped into visit my friends at Wistia and to also meet Margot, the new community manager there. We chatted a bit, walked around saying hi to many of the folks I’d met over the years as a customer, and I royally mispronounced her name. Walking in that day I fully intended to produce a quick video with the workflow I’ve been geeking on for several years. For me, that currently includes a Sony a6000 for capture and an iPhone 5s for editing.

I pitched the idea of collaborating on a quick video with Margot and she was up for it. So we pulled Meryl in as well and spent about 10 minutes capturing this two-angle dialogue, transferring the clips via Sony’s somewhat-clunky PlayMemories app to iPhone, and then cutting it up right there. I am such a geek for this sort of thing, and I love sharing it with others at just about every opportunity. Even better was using this as a way to kickoff a connection with Margot that’s based on action, creative thinking, and getting things done.

When I share this workflow with others I inevitably come back to emphasizing that the process is what’s important, not necessarily the final result. And because I’ve managed to streamline the process down to a pair of devices I can easily carry with me, I’m able to show others that producing video with an iPhone can be an incredibly effective way of funneling video content to your professional or business oriented social networks. For me, this has become a habit… one that I may at times take for granted, but at the same time one that constantly reminds others that I’m the guy to call when they’re ready to get started working video into their communication strategy. Even if I’m not the right fit for what they need, I can’t help but point them in the right direction so as to avoid the very expensive lessons of hiring a videographer who doesn’t understand a thing about social engagement.

So what about you? Are you already using video for business? Or does it all seem so overwhelming you don’t know where to begin? Either way, let me know what’s working (or not working) and follow me on Instagram.

Here’s quick look at how the above video was edited on iPhone using iMovie for iOS.

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