Disney/Pixar exec says iPhone is transforming filmmaking.

I am always talking about the potential of adopting a mobile-first approach to creating video content. With years of tinkering, experimenting, and pivoting over the years, I like to think I’ve developed a fairly compelling workflow that allows even the most technologically inept among us to contribute to the manner in which their stories are told.

Photo Credit: HypeBeast Source: Cult of Mac

Disney/Pixar chief John Lasseter seems to agree in the potential of mobile devices like iPhone and GoPro.


“The GoPro and the iPhone are here. [They] give a vibrancy you have never been able to have before … I think a new film grammar is going to come with these things.”


So what does this imply? Well, it suggests that raising the level of literacy for visual storytelling is worth the investment. Whether we are simply using it as a means of creative/personal expression or making it a cornerstone of mission-oriented communications, get to know your device (and yourself) just a little bit better.

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