Add Instagram Pics to your Twitter Stream with IFTTT

I still see a lot of Instagram links in my Twitter stream. And while some may argue that it’s no big deal to click on the link to view the image, I say there’s a better way… using IFTTT.



Here’s the back story – Instagram and Twitter used to be great pals, they played nicely with each other and if I chose to post my Instagram pic to Twitter from within the app, it showed up in-stream… no need to click away just to see the pic my friend just posted. Then Facebook bought Instagram and changes started happening behind the scenes. The short of it is, Instagram started scaling back support for images on Twitter and ultimately removed support all together. That was December, 2012. Back then, I was left wondering how to solve this new problem, “How do I get Instagram pics to show up in my Twitter stream?”


IFTTT (If This Then That) is an online resource that offers users a way to trigger particular events when an action occurs, such as when I pull into my driveway, turn on the web-enabled lights in my livingroom. Or, when I post a pic to Instagram, then also post a Tweet with image. This is referred to as a “Recipe” and there are hundreds if not thousands of possibilities offered by the service. Best part is it’s free to use.

Click the link above to start using this recipe for yourself. You’ll have to connect the accounts you want to use within IFTTT, but check it out and explore. And start sharing your Instagram pics directly in your Twitter stream.

NOTE: This works for images, but not for videos posted on Instagram.

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