My name is Friend…

Throughout my life, I have been drawn in the direction of connecting more meaningfully with others. Superficial relationships never sat well with me. I want to know what matters… What motivates you each day? What are your goals? And how can I help you get where you want to be?

At times, I’ve been misunderstood… my intensions questioned because we’re conditioned to be distrustful. And rightfully so. Our economic models are built on principles of exploitation, rational behavior, and ruthless competition. In business, we’re bred to hold back information, lest it be used to cut us off from a share of the credit or profit. But does it have to be that way?

I love seeing Good people succeed. Not much makes me happier than feeling like I’ve contributed to the success of friends and partners. Even if I don’t benefit directly from your success, that doesn’t diminish my sincerity. I want to see you do well.

We all have gifts and passions, and we all struggle. Why shouldn’t we help each other focus our efforts where we feel most confident… most empowered… especially when it falls within our spheres of influence? So don’t let this idea get out of hand. Start with your friends… those you respect… and people you genuinely want to succeed. Let that be the basis for your relationships; not politics or religion. There are Good people who don’t agree with your politics or follow a world view apart from your own… and it’s okay to wish them well.

I happen to be a geek for digital storytelling and more generally, all things video. I enjoy sharing the tips & tricks I’ve developed over many years to connect with others through technology. That’s my gift… my passion. Let’s help each other do well in Life.