• Professional Brand Storyteller

    I am a marketing professional with a strong aptitude for video communication, messaging strategy, storytelling, and training others (individually or in groups) to use technology more effectively to support higher marketing communication and promotional objectives.

About me…

When I started learning about this “Internet” thing in 2000, all I had available to me was a 35mm camera and Telnet-based email, so the opportunities for sharing were entirely limited. I couldn’t have imagined the degree with which technology would empower me as a marketer, able to conduct multiple campaigns from the mobile device I carry in my pocket. Using only an iPhone, I can capture, edit, and post short video vignettes that connect with and engage diversified constituent groups, as well as manage traditional email campaigns, dictate notes for a blog or feature article, even conducting one-on-one training with a colleague or client. Many of these points are the subject of my training workshop, Practical Content Production from a Mobile Device, which I offer to professional organizations and individuals.

Throughout my career, I have been driven by a passion for connecting more meaningfully with others through technology. At times that has meant working efficiently on my own to accomplish clearly defined objectives. At other times, I’ve had opportunities to take more of a leadership role managing project teams and contributing significantly in the start-up of our non-profit, community television network. At every turn I have a compulsion for discovering new efficiencies in my workflow by repurposing existing tools or resources to perform mission oriented tasks. I am a frank and open communicator, strategically minded and capable, and embrace opportunities to work with others ready to invest in their future.