Wistia’s Growth Prompts Changes in Management Structure

Growing a business is the objective for most entrepreneurs. But at some point in every business journey, the organization shifts. I’ve been following the growth and evolution of Wistia for nearly 6 years. And what I’ve seen as an observer from the outside looking in has impressed me repeatedly as I’ve gotten to know many of the individuals dedicated to making the business function, as well as making customers feel valued and appreciated. CEO Chis Savage has earned a great deal of respect from my perspective, mostly for his leadership style and my perception that he has built a business where individuals are celebrated, creativity is valued, and change – no matter how difficult or uncomfortable – is embraced. In his blog post, “Ditching Flat: How Structure Helped Us Move Faster,” he describes how growth has necessitated organizational shifts he never would have anticipated when they began, and why the Flat management structure of startups no longer works for them as a business.

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