iPhone Camera Stabilization for the Masses

Do you shoot video with an iPhone? Sure you do. And I’m sure you’ve been disappointed with the shake of your hands in at least half of your videos. Well just as technology is totally blowing our minds with everything from artificial intelligence to autonomous vehicles, there’s an app that fixes that shake.

Instagram recently released Hyperlapse, a free app touting incredibly smooth timelapsed video capture. What was perhaps less covered was the fact that you can slow down the video you capture from 6x (default) to 1x for some seriously impressive iphone camera stabilization effects.

Here’s how it works… The app captures video at full 1080 resolution, and then crops that down to 720 while adjusting the frame’s orientation with data collected from the device’s accelerometer. You see, most stabilization filters apply interpretive reference points after the fact, which often yields some undesirable effects. Using the orientation data, the app knows exactly where your hand is and how it’s moving, resulting in near perfect stabilization.

Seriously, test it out. If stabilization matters to you, it will become your new go-to.

**As a bonus to the above video, check out this behind-the-scenes with commentary from the video team at The Verge.

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